Meeting on Transource/AEP Powerline Project

What:   Townhall meeting of, by, for southern Roane residents to discuss how to fight Transource/AEP for fair compensation, no spraying, broadband, and to stop construction until local demands are satisfied.  Before the meeting is a PSC formal complaint help session, then a potluck & pizza dinner.  Afterward is open discussion.

When:  Wednesday, October 17th, 2018.  At 5pm is potluck & pizza dinner, at 6pm is townhall meeting, but come at 3pm for help with PSC formal complaints.

Where:   Heritage Park Community Building, Spencer, WV (next to DMV).

How To Help:   Project area residents can file a PSC formal complaint, details differ for landowners, their neighbors, and anyone else within several miles.  Tell everyone you know in southern Roane Country about this fight and to attend this meeting.  Donate money, to help pay for the room, pizza, materials, etc.  Bring a neighbor.  Bring food & drinks.

Please RSVP:  If you can attend this meeting please contact Chris Dalzell, by email at, or call 304-927-0162.  Please include your name, your city & state, your interest in this fight (e.g. landowner with easement or area resident), how you want to help, potluck item you can bring, how much pizza you need, and any comments.

Summary:  Transource (AEP shell company) is building an 138kV electric transmission line from Clendenin to Walton to Linden, this is called the "Thorofare Project" (PSC# 15-1870-E-CN).  Along the way they are abusing landowners with poor compensation & eminent domain, forcing acceptance of aerial-broadcast spraying of woody herbicides (modern Agent Orange), building a 96-fiber data cable without making it available to the local community for broadband, and did not follow state code for public notice in Roane County.  Landowners are road-kill in local Civil Court, but the WV Public Service Commission (PSC) has regulatory authority over this project, they are very concerned about what Transource is doing here, they are listening to us, but not enough area residents are complaining for the PSC to take action.  We need as many people as possible to file formal PSC complaints to show that Transource is not treating Roane County residents fairly.  If the PSC process fails, then collectively landowners probably have grounds for a class-action lawsuit, but that's a slow, difficult, and expensive process.

About This Website:   This website was originally a part of the Roane County Broadband Project, which was started in March 2017 by Chris Dalzell.  That broadband project was handed to the Roane County Commission in August 2017, whom created the Roane Broadband Committee, whom in turn wrecked that project.  That project website and this website were both abandoned by the Roane Broadband Committee, both are owned by Chris.  These sites are now available for this fight with Transource, general community organizing, and possibly restarting that old broadband project to serve southern Roane County.  If you want to see more of a community portal here, with forums, and are willing to help with it, please come to the townhall meeting.

Click here for the Townhall Meeting Flier (PDF)