Updates for Saturday, October 13th, 2018

  • Called 16 landowners, RSVP +5, maybe +5.
  • Setup GoFundMe campaign, needs a new picture, the text image I created was too small but it allowed it to go forward without one so I left it as-is for now.

Current Focus:  Calling landowners.


Townhall Meeting To-Do:

  1. Call Everyone:  Call all landowners (again), tell them to come to the meeting, visit this site for info, and spread the word.
  2. Facebook:  Ask people to put this on Facebook.
  3. Post Fliers:  Need to get the flier posted around southern Roane County, especially need volunteers in Walton to post it everywhere.  There aren't as many places to stick fliers on the eastern side (Linden, Looneyville, Left Hand area).
  4. Make Yard Signs:  Use old political yard signs to make yard signs to promote this meeting.  Something like, paint the sign white, then paint 3 lines, "Stop Transource" in red, "Meeting Oct-17" in black, "See RoaneWV.org" in blue.  Need to find volunteers to make some and volunteers along public roads to stick them in their yards.
  5. Canvas:  A lot of landowners are not listed in the phone book, or have disconnected their landline due to chronic problems with Frontier.
  6. Written Material:  Need a good overview of the project, the PSC cases, of what Ron & I found via our PSC cases, of compensation as an overall issue, of spraying as an overall issue, of broadband & the OPGW as an overall issue.
  7. Sun, Oct-14:  Make phone calls.  Prepare written material for meeting.
  8. Mon, Oct-15:  Make phone calls.  Place fliers at Amma Senior Center, Amma Exxon, Geary Library, Left Hand Post Office.  May go to Walton to distribute fliers.  May go to Spencer to distribute fliers, and buy paint for yard signs.  Prepare written material.


RSVP, Pizza & Pot Luck Notes:

RSVP Tally:  Roughly 40 maybe's, another 45 interested, but only 11 confirmed.

Pizza Plan:  8x large pan-pizzas (64 slices) from Pizza Hut = 4x pepperoni, 2x veggie lovers, 2x meat lovers = ~$104.00.  2x spatula, 2x pizza pans (for reheating pizza in kitchen).

Pot Luck Commitments:  1x case bottled water, 1x roll of paper towels, 2x sheet pans (for reheating stuff), dish soap, sponge, dish towel.

Pot Luck Needs:  Paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, more drinks, more food.

Notes:  Heritage Building kitchen is sparse, no dishes, no utensils, need to bring anything needed.  It has a refrigerator & freezer, large gas range, larger oven good to ~375F, two ovens with convection good to ~400F, large coffee pot, large 3 basin sink.


Old Updates & Promotional Notes: 

  • Wed, Oct-3:  Reserved Heritage Park Community Building, Spencer.  Proposed a larger more ambitious schedule, with time slots for solar co-op meeting, broadband co-op meeting, and lunch.
  • Thu, Oct-4:  Cut back schedule to current 3pm PSC complaints, 5pm dinner, 6pm meeting, with open discussion afterward.
  • Sun, Oct-7:  Created flier, emailed to Ron.  Repurposed roanewv.org for this fight.
  • Mon, Oct-8:  Flier left at Looneyville Post Office.  Announcement in Roane Reporter, both community calendar & classified ad ($10.60), for next week.  Announcement on 104.7 FM community calendar (should be mentioned a few times).  Announced at RC Solid Waste Authority monthly meeting, flier posted at Recycling Center.  Announced at monthly RC Democratic Executive Committee meeting, flier will be posted on RC DEC table at Black Wallnut Festival.
  • Tue, Oct-9:  Updated townhall flier text, to correct typos, clarify a few things, add a revision number, narrowed left/right margins, increase font size of what-when-where & how to help sections, nitpicked wordiness to shorten it a little, increased spacing between paragraphs, labeled it revision 4, its still too wordy.  Updated webpage text to match flier.  Uploaded new flier PDF file.  Created this updates page.
  • Wed, Oct-10:  Bad day.  Left fliers at Looneyville Post Office (again) and Amma Post Office.  Geary Library was closed, unexpectedly.  Several problems obstructed progress on placing fliers at other locations, making phone calls, or further work on a GoFundMe campaign.
  • Thu, Oct-11:  Left fliers at Committee On Aging (3 places), WVU Extension, Shoppers Value, The Closet, Recycling Center (again), Hospital, RC Democrats (DEC) BWF table, Green Leaf Market.  Talked to people around Spencer.
  • Fri, Oct-12:  Left fliers at two churches in Looneyville.  Talked to people around Spencer.
  • Sat, Oct-13:  Called 16 landowners, RSVP +5, maybe +5.  Setup GoFundMe campaign.